Campus Camps


A program tailored to the varying interests of 2nd-8th graders. 2023 Topics and Examples: Music & Sports, Cooking, Photography, Comic Books, Sports Casting.

Sports casting

WEEK 1 (June 26 - June 30)
Learn what it takes to make it in the sports broadcasting industry while having fun with friends and other sports fans. The first half of the day will be filled with exciting activities that will develop professional skills and increase team building within the group. Learn how to create sports anchor and sideline reporting videos, practice hosting pre/post-game shows, learn how to read over highlights, and play fun sports trivia and scattergories games. The second half of the day will involve a traditional day camp schedule that includes fun activities and waterslide time.

Music & Sports

WEEK 3 (July 10 - July 14)
When a child participates in sports they are more active and healthier. When a child participates in music they improve their thinking skills and coordination. The benefits of putting Music and Sports together will be demonstrated in this fun and interactive academy. Campers will be learning teamwork, discipline, focus on goals, and experiencing the rewards of participation. This academy will also use Music and Sports to teach creative thinking, memorization, and concentration skills.


WEEK 5 (July 24 - July 28)
Under the guidance of a trained photographer, campers will spend the first half of their day exploring the amazing world around them through the lens of a camera. This hands-on academy will offer an opportunity to learn about how cameras work, care and maintenance, and how to use the camera to take a perfect photo. Campers will also be introduced to digital photo editing and will create their own individual slideshow portfolio that will showcase their newfound skills and hard work.

Comic Books

WEEK 5 (July 24 - July 28)
Do you love comic books? Have you ever wanted to make one of your own? Well then join us for our Comic Book Academy this summer. This is a project-centered academy that is designed to guide aspiring comic creators through the entire process. By the end of the week, campers will learn: Why comics work and what you can do with them, the basics of drawing and cartooning, basic character design, how to write a short story, and how to pencil, ink, and letter their own comic.


WEEK 7 (August 7 - August 11)
What’s for Breakfast? When is Lunch? Can I have a snack? I’m hungry! These are all phrases that we hear every day. This cooking academy will give each camper an introduction to some great recipes that can be done at home for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Dessert. Campers will learn the skills needed to make some delicious treats that the whole family will love. This is a hands-on Academy where the campers will be cooking, baking, measuring, prepping, and plating all of their creations.

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