NEW ACADEMY CALENDAR will be available in January, for an idea of the programs we will offer check out the 2021 Academies below.

Sweet like Candy

WEEK 1: July 6-9

Campers will learn during this week how to tackle those sweet cravings. With the help of our culinary instructors, campers will be making the absolute best dessert recipes. From cakes to pastries, your camper will be left with recipes that they will be able to recreate at home but some sweet samples to share with their families.

Eat like an Athlete

WEEK 2: July 26-30

During this week campers will navigate their ways through fun, healthy, and creative recipes. With the help of our culinary instructor campers will be able to develop healthy recipes that fill their bodies with nutrients and energy for a full day of summer camp.

Big Top Baking

WEEK 3: August 16-20

Campers will work with our culinary instructor throughout the week to create recipes that are in theme with the circus. From cakes, cookies, and other bakery treats campers will indulge while creating big, colorful, and vibrant recipes.