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Campers use math, logic, communication, concentration, critical thinking skills, and problem solving all while doing something they love and enjoy- Video Games! This academy is offered all summer long and campers can create their games at their pace. Instructors will work individually with each camper to progress them through the process. Each camper will gain a fantastic working knowledge of the technical and artistic concepts necessary in designing video games, and will receive their own finished game to bring home for friends and family to play! Open to Campers entering 3rd-8th grade.

NEW ACADEMY CALENDAR will be available in January, for an idea of the programs we will offer check out the 2019 Academies below.



No Academy July 4th, July 16th, August 1st, August 14th and August 30th

We provide a summer of Video Game Design and Programming. Campers can enroll in as little as one week or can spend the majority of their summer creating their very own Video Game. This self-paced Academy is great for any education level and provides an in-depth overview of the skills needed to make their own video game.



No Academy July 4th, July 16th, August 1st, August 14th and August 30th

Our Coding Academy is designed for campers of all skill levels. Each camper will have the opportunity to explore the world of coding. Campers will start with basic coding tasks and advance through multiple levels of curriculum from popular coding sites like, Tynker, VidCode and also the expertise of our Instructors in C++, Python and other computer languages. Campers can sign up for 1 week or spend a majority of their summer learning to code. This program will run all summer for 3 hours each day.

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